Strategic planning

At RPC we have significant experience of working in both the private and public sectors, and this is invaluable when dealing with all planning proposals. Our understanding of planning policy and Local Authorities housing requirements allows us to advise you on the opportunities that your land may hold.

In terms of strategic planning, we have been involved in the promotion of land as future housing allocations, as well as the submission of large scale planning applications for purely housing and mixed use developments.

Our expertise includes promoting sites through the Councils Local Development Framework, through the various stages of public consultation and also at the examinations of Core Strategy. We understand the importance of extensive community engagement ; working with communications consultants where required.

We are able to bring together a specialist consultant team, which includes Master Planners, Landscape Architects, Ecologists, Transport and Drainage consultants.

Our aim is to secure you, the landowner or developer, an allocation or permission that maximises the development potential of the land, seeking to negotiate on matters such a housing density, mix of dwellings and affordable housing where required.


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