Brownfield development

We have extensive experience in dealing with proposals for new residential development in the towns and cities of the Southeast, and we are able to inform you firstly on the likelihood of success, and secondly how best to obtain a planning permission for increased residential development.

There is an ever increasing need to provide a large part of the nation’s housing in the foreseeable future from brownfield sites. We have developed expertise in the field of dealing with land in business use, and as such we can provide robust solutions to converting land from a commercial to a residential use, be it a straightforward change of use, or demolition and re-build.

Despite recent media reports, backland development has not been ruled out under recently amended planning policies. Instead the focus is on the character of the area and residents amenities, along with access and other general considerations. The Governments focus for new housing is within the established built-up areas and as such there remains a presumption in favour of appropriate residential development on existing housing plots.

Please contact us if you would like a planning appraisal on the development potential of your plot.


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