New dwellings

Due to the restrictive nature of countryside planning policies it is very difficult to achieve planning permission for a new dwelling in a rural location. An exception is where the proposal is to replace an existing dwelling with a new build. Local Planning Authorities do however still strictly control these proposals, and often seek to limit the increase in size from the original dwelling.

Utilising our extensive experience in this field of work and using precedents, it would be our aim to maximise the floor space of your replacement dwelling. Design, scale and layout are also important considerations, but with the assistance of an architect, we would be confident of a successful outcome.

In certain distinct circumstances, it may be possible for new dwellings to be built in the countryside when sound justification for a rural worker to live in that particular location, is provided. This is a fairly complicated process, but it is one that we are able to advise and guide you through. We are able to draw on specialist consultants who may be able to demonstrate that it is necessary from an agricultural perspective for there to be a dwelling on site.

In other instances, landowners can apply for social/affordable housing in rural locations in accordance with local planning policies. However, it should be noted that there does need to be a local need for such housing, and other constraints would also have to be taken into consideration.


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